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The Wedding Band’s Secret: (Packed dance floors don’t happen by themselves!)

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Today’s most common system of purchasing a band for a wedding:
1. The Bride and Groom decides that they want a live band for their wedding
2. They go online to sample various bands
3. They identify some bands they like, and send e-mail inquiries consisting of: “a. Please send pricing information and b. Are you available on our date?”

When Momentum Talent Group gets this e-mail, we make every attempt to have a phone or in-person consultation with our new potential client. This is because there is SO much more understanding required and SO much more knowledge required to make a proper and informed decision!

Brides and Grooms are (understandably!) busy at work, so it is difficult to talk during the day. But many make the mistake of trying to do this all by e-mail. When this happens, unfortunately, the e-mail discussions pretty much center around price negotiation. And this is before it has been established what their need actually is!

Bypassing the admittedly sometimes inconvenient phone conversations elininate the information about HOW success at the party is achieved. Every client wants a fantastic party where all of their friends have a great time! And every bandleader wants that for each party that they play too. But the discussion about HOW that happens doesn’t get covered in an e-mail exchange. And HOW that happens is the missing information that MUST be part of the decision making process (if you are deciding well) on whom you want to hire.

Of course, you want a band that sounds good. Of course you want a band with great singers and great musicians, who play all the songs that you and your friends love. But you also need to know how the bandleader decides what song to play next. It is based on your requests  and also what your guests are responding to at every moment of your party. (We don’t use a setlist…see other blog entries about why setlists are not a good thing!) That is the job of the bandleader. It is his or her experience, party instinct, and understanding of the goals, and desires of their client that all factor into what song gets played next. And it is precisely THAT, which will ultimately determined whether your party will be a great one.

So how can you make a good judgement about the band you hire without taking that into account (e-mail only)? You can’t. You just can’t.

Yes, you must place value on how much fun the band was, how good they sound, and whether they will play the songs that everybody will dance to. But you must place EVEN GREATER VALUE on HOW it all will happen.

Your question must not just be, did I find this band for “x” amount of dollars. It must be, will “x” amount of dollars get me a great band that understands the “process of choosing the right songs” which makes everyone see a band that sounds great, projects fun and energy, and plays songs that everyone loves.

TALK TO US! It will be worth it!

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