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The Proper Band Size

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As the request for types of wedding music choices become more diverse each and every day, it is worth talking about the benefits of a traditional wedding band. For as long as there have been weddings, many different age groups of family and friends want to celebrate. It takes true versatility to create a variety that makes each invited guest feel like we played music they wanted to dance to. That kind of versatility does not come with 3 musicians and a singer. It comes with larger options, typically 7 pieces and up!

Admittedly larger “traditional” bands come with a larger price tag. But versatility and variety is really the single most important attribute a wedding band can have. When you are deciding on a proper band size, the first thing some people ask is, “How big of a band do I need with the given number of guests I am planning to have?” Instead, you should ask the following questions:

1. What do you want music to achieve for your party?

2. Is the entertainment going to be compatible to the majority of your guests?

3. Does the band’s versatility cover all genres and eras ?

4. What size will be required for the band that I am considering to accommodate the first three questions?

Asking these four questions might be the most important questions you will ask in planning for your wedding. Answering them properly will guide you in having an amazing party!

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