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Song Selection Trumps All!

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So much in the music scene keeps changing. Different styles of music get invented and become popular, and different trends in our culture affect the music that is produced, recorded, and then performed. The music is always changing, and the best Chicago Wedding Bands change with it. They keep up with the pulse of the newest songs and the most popular songs.

There are things that have NOT changed over the years. They are the same as when I started playing, and they are the same today. It’s always been important that bands perform with ENERGY, and projecting how much of a good time they are having while performing. It’s also always been important that the quality of the performances be genuine (no cheese), and come from the soul. Yet, the three most important elements needed for an amazing party are:

1. Song Selection

2. Song Selection

3. Song Selection

Playing the right songs at the right time during your party is the whole ballgame. It always was, and I believe it always will be. Song selection is so important, it’s even more important than talent (and I realize what I just said may raise a few eyebrows!) Yes, playing the right songs is even more important than how good the band sounds. Of course, as a bandleader I expect all performers to always sound as great as it can. And so does every member of the Momentum Band. But there is no question that a great band, THROUGH EXPERIENCE, will play the right songs at the right time. That will keep your dance floor packed. (And yes, with Momentum, you’ll have amazing energy, musicianship and showmanship too!)


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