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Obtaining Meaningful Pricing Information

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Sometimes Chicago Wedding Bands will receive an e-mail saying “I am interested in your availability and receiving a price list.” Answering about availability on a particular date is easily done via e-mail. Providing price information is much more difficult to do in a meaningful way.

The high quality bands offer a significant amount of personal customization, rather than set packages. Prices are going to vary according to the following criteria:

1. Number of Performers in the Band
2. The length of play time (Standard 3 hours, or longer)
3. Special options included such as “Continuous Music” (or the elimination of breaks)
4. The number of performers required during Dinner segment
5. The number of performers required during Cocktail segment
6. The number of performers required during the Ceremony

Understanding whether dancing at your event will happen only after dinner, or whether there will also be dancing between meal courses will significantly influence how your party is structured, and will in turn guide your answers to the above criteria.

Because this is true, the only reliable way to get the proper information is by a conversation. This can be done either by phone, or with an in person consultation. You can learn what all of your options are, and the bandleader can learn what your specific needs are (both product wise as well as financial considerations). Then you are ready to receive a package recommendation and price quote. The quote will be meaningful, and accurate. The conversation will help you learn about what musical services are available, and guide you in making informed choices. This will in the end make the most efficient use of your time, and insure that you achieve the best results!

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