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About Our Songlist

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The reason we have chosen as a business not to publish a “complete” songlist is because doing so would actually clutter up what we want our clients and potential clients to see. We typically learn three songs that we don’t know for just about every party we play for. Over a period of just five years, that would add almost 500 songs to a list, most of those songs being songs that most people don’t care about, and many of those songs that most people wouldn’t even recognize. There are also songs which are polarizing (such as “My Heart Will Go On” from “Titanic”, or, “Celebration” by Cool and the Gang, or “Macerana” where an occasional client asks us to play, but many people would have a negative reaction to if if they saw those songs on our list.

Also, we are one of the bands in Chicago that regularly performs current, contemporary songs. Since that is a feature, we want that image to come across. If the general list is too huge, by comparison, the “current/contemporary” category looks very small, and gives the wrong impression.

So we find it best to give a healthy selection of songs from each category as far as our list goes. And we are continually updating our songlist with songs that help showcase what The Momentum Band typically does.  But in fact, we know thousands of songs!   So if there is something you want us to play at your event, all you need to do is ask! If we don’t have it, we will have a great time preparing it for you!

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